About Us

We’re Wayde Carroll and Matt Estrada, two professional photographers who met on one of Wayde’s photo tours.

We discovered that we’re like-minded in our approach to photography travel, and wanted to expand our reach to exciting new destinations.

So we formed Lightminded Photo Tours. 

We’d love to hear from you. Check out our current tours, and tell us about your photography goals.

We’re really excited about our new website, and we’ll be adding content and making improvements in the coming weeks—check back soon and thank you for your interest!

Small-group photo tours for people with a passion for photography, nature, and culture

All experience levels welcome

We craft small group tours for travelers who want to improve their photography skills through immersive experiences in some of the world’s most vibrant cultures and beautiful ecosystems. We go beyond a traditional travel experience by building strong local relationships and then connecting you with living, breathing communities and natural areas. We make sure you check off all the local must-sees, but we know that the experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life are the ones that are unique, authentic, and reveal the hidden spirit and true beauty of the places we visit.

Travelers with all levels of photography experience are welcome on our tours. Our professional photographers stay with you in the field to offer guidance on technique, composition, lighting, post processing, and more. We actively seek opportunities for wildlife, landscape, portrait, street, architecture, night, macro, and underwater photography.

If you’re brand new to photography, we’ll help you get to know your camera and focus on the basics of taking great photos. If you’re more advanced, we’ll tailor our approach to your skill level and interests. We can offer collaborative feedback, share tips, and show specific examples of concepts that have worked for us. It’s our goal for you to head home with incredible memories and stunning photos from your dream destination.